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Welcome to ReverieMC's Rules Page!
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Global Rules

All rules apply to the Minecraft server, website, and Discord.
⇒ All bans are IP unless otherwise specified
All Things Listed Below are Punishable Offenses​
⤗ Use of Hacks, Cheats, Glitches, Exploits, or Illegal Mods
⤗ Mentioning or Advertising Things Related to Other Servers, Realms, modded Servers, or servers/realms for Hytale
⤗ Excessive Spam / Caps
⤗ Disrespect
⤗ Illegal Activity
⤗ Other Languages / Special Characters in Public Chat or Messages
⤗ Punishment Evading
⤗ Chargeback
⤗ Inappropriate Name / Player Skin / Builds
⤗ Excessively Vulgar Language
⤗ Sexual Harassment
⤗ Certain Traps
⤗ Griefing / Stealing
⤗ Not Using Common Sense
⤗ Lagging the Server
⤗ Additional Mob & Farm Rules
⤗ Excessive Claiming
⤗ Disrespectful Claiming
⤗ Real Life Transactions
⤗ Bypassing the AFK System (afking IS allowed, in certain ways)
⤗ Alternate Accounts (Max Allowed: 3. Usage: Read section for more info.)
Note: The rules may be changed at any time. Generally I'll post any changes/updates in #updates on the Discord server.
Use of Hacks, Cheats, Glitches, Exploits, or Illegal Mods
⤗ Using a hacked client, using mods which add hacked client features, x-ray texture packs, or the use of glitches or exploits. Any participation in these will result in the same punishment, even if you were not purposely doing it.
⤗ Use of things like automated sell scripts / bots, mcMMO level bots, and other similar offenses.​
⤗ Auto-clicking is considered cheating and bannable.​ No matter whether you're using mods, putting a weight on your mouse, using the vanilla Minecraft client itself and some smart tricks, etc.
Allowed Modification(s): Turning up your gamma within the file for it. This will allow you to not see darkness.
Allowed Mod(s): Optifine, Badlion, Lunar Client, & Console clients (see below).
Please note: Badlion is allowed as long as you do not use the schematic or mini-map features at all. Furthermore do not anything else within it that breaks the rules.
Please note: Console clients with additional features such as Anti-AFK, Auto-Respond, etc are NOT allowed. The only allowed modification is Auto-Relog. Furthermore any Auto-Relog feature must be set to allow a max of 3 attempts to relog before stopping. Also, only players that have the rank(s) required to AFK without being kicked are allowed to use Console Client Auto Relog features.
⤗ When you aren't sure whether something is allowed ask staff. Ignorance is NOT a valid reason to break the rules!
⤗ Note that semi-AFK McMMO farms are generally allowed as long as they do not break other rules (such as the auto clicker rule). I.e. Acrobatics farms that push you in a water stream are fine as long as you are actually eating the food to keep you alive- not an auto-clicker. Furthermore note that you must be paying attention to chat to prove you are not fully AFK! Lastly note that semi-afk/fully-afk fishing farms are disabled to discourage the use of auto-clickers. If you wish to fish do so normally. This may be changed in the future.
Mentioning or Advertising Things Related to Other Servers, Realms, modded Servers, or servers/realms for Hytale.
⤗ Posting the IP, name, or link of another server, realm, or tekkit server. Similarly, posting links to other discord servers that are related to one of these, is not allowed. Discussing other servers, realms, or tekkit servers are not allowed either.
⤗ Discussing, mentioning, or advertising another game that is related to other Minecraft servers is against the rules as well.
⤗ Your Discord status may state other server names (I.e. "I love Hypixel!") as long as it does not specify an invitation, website, or an IP for a server (I.e. "Join me on Hypixel!" or "Join me on <IP>!").
Excessive Spam / Caps
⤗ Sending messages too quickly, or repeating the same message several times. Also includes spamming random characters​.
⤗ Spam and caps are generally not a huge issue unless it is like this or sending all messages with all (or mostly) capital letters.
⤗ Staff may determine what is considered excessive spam / caps at their own discretion.
⤗ Do not be racist. Racism is any use of racial or ethnic slurs.
⤗ Do not impersonate another player or staff member.
⤗ Do not participate in any form of chat or behavior that encourages suicidal tendencies in people.
⤗ Do not threaten someone's life out of game or threaten in general.
⤗ Do not troll or disrespect others.
⤗ Do not create a deal with another player and not hold up your end of the deal (also known as scamming).
⤗ Provoking of another player with intent to be a nuisance to them. Includes but is not limited to begging for items​ and house camping.
⤗ Do not constantly ask for items or ask for people to do things for you. Sure, a few times is fine. Asking all the time just gets plain annoying to everyone.
⤗ Do not attack another player for things such as race, gender, religious beliefs, sexuality, or other severe offenses.​
⤗ Arguing with staff will not be tolerated. Nor will constant complaining. However, if you think a staff member abused their powers then contact a higher ranking staff with proof.
⤗ Do not constantly complain or say self pity related things. The point of Minecraft is to have fun! Not worry about real world problems! Dragging other people into your problems is not helpful to you nor enjoyable for others. Don't do it.
⤗ Do not discuss politics. It rarely ends well.
Illegal Activity
⤗ Do not participate in any illegal activity on the server/website/Discord or with other server members.
⤗ This includes but is not limited to, threatening to or actually Doxing, DDoSing, or Swatting of a player or the server.
Other Languages / Special Characters in Public Chat and Messages
⤗ Only use English on the server. Pig Latin is occasionally allowed as long as it's not constant.
⤗ Do not use special characters or fonts.
⤗ Emoji faces or faces such as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ are okay as long as no mods, cheats, etc are used.
Punishment Evading
⤗ Any attempt to bypass an active punishment.​
⤗ Includes but is not limited to, using alternate accounts when your main account is banned, asking someone to speak for you when you are muted, and writing on signs or in books while muted.
⤗ Attempting to get a refund without approval for a purchase made with the server.​
⤗ Furthermore if you gift or receive a gifted donor purchase be sure to let the Owner know even if you wish for it to remain anonymous! This is EXTREMELY important. Failure to do so may result in punishment to the wrong party should a chargeback or something else occur.
Inappropriate Name / Player Skin / Builds
⤗ Use of a racial, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate name or player skin.​
⤗ Do not create builds that are sexual, racist, or other inappropriate things​.
Excessively Vulgar Language
⤗ Swearing IS allowed as long as it is not directed at someone.
Sexual Harassment
⤗ Obscene erotic remarks/advances​
Certain Traps
⤗ Killing traps are allowed IF there are clear warnings beforehand. For example, a sign before the trap saying "You may die if you continue any further".
⤗ Killing traps without clear warnings beforehand are not allowed.
⤗ Traps not built for killing and are built to intentionally trap players with no way to escape are not allowed.
Griefing / Stealing
⤗ Griefing is the act of destroying or building on someone else's land without their permission. This IS allowed outside of claims and is NOT allowed inside of claims. If you do not want to get griefed or stolen from, be sure to claim your land! Also, keep in mind that after 90 days (3 months) of inactivity, your land and chests will be unclaimed and unprotected. This allows players to claim an inactive player's land for themselves or remove ugly builds left by banned or inactive players.
⤗ Stealing is the act of taking or "borrowing" someone's items without their permission. Stealing IS allowed outside of claims and is NOT allowed inside claims. Stealing someone's items after they die is not allowed in any situation except "/warp pvp2" or if you find the items there and no one online (or whom has recently been online) has died.
⤗ Note that scamming and stealing are different. Scamming is not allowed.
⤗ If issues arise, please contact staff. In most cases, any griefing/claiming of an unclaimed build/area IS allowed. However, in special cases staff will have the final say.
⤗ Do NOT kill another player's animals or pets in claims unless you have permission to do so.
⤗ Do NOT kill another player's horse outside claims IF they are riding it (unless you two are in PvP).
⤗ Do NOT kill someone else's tamed wolves outside of claims UNLESS one or more of the following are true:
  • They are aggressive towards you (because the owner of the dogs attacked you)
  • The dog is in your land
  • You are in PvP with the owner of the dogs
Not Using Common Sense
⤗ Some rules may not be stated here because they can be summed up with "Use Common Sense".
⤗ Do not house camp. In other words, if someone wants you to leave their claim, leave it.
⤗ Do not abuse rank privileges in ways they were not meant to be used. Such as gaining advantages in PvP arenas.
⤗ Do not try to find and use duplication bugs or glitches.
⤗ If you know someone that hacks or otherwise breaks the rules you must report it. Knowing of a hacker but not reporting it makes you an accomplice and subject to equal or lesser punishment depending on the situation.
⤗ Do not create outrageously overpriced auctions that no one would bid on. It creates unnecessary spam and takes up time players could be using to do real auctions. For example, auctioning your Damaged Efficiency I Diamond Pickaxe for $20,000 is outrageously overpriced.
⤗ Do not encourage rule breaking of ANY form. For instance, if a player mentions they just came from their friend's server (which they shouldn't but IF they do) then do not ask: What's the server Name/IP? That is encouraging rule breaking.
⤗ Do not joke about breaking any of the rules. I.e. saying you hack, x-ray, exploit bugs (or intend to), etc. They will be taken seriously.
Lagging The Server
⤗ Do not create machines made for the sole purpose of lagging the server.
⤗ Do not use slime blocks to mass harvest crops or create massive flying machines. This can be a big source of lag.
⤗ Do not have more than 150 mobs in a 3x3 chunk area at one time.
⤗ Do not have more than 100 non hostile entities in a 3x3 chunk area at one time. I.e. Armor stands, item frames, pigs, cows, etc.
⤗ Do not have more than 50 villagers in a 3x3 chunk area at one time.
⤗ Please note, you may have 150 mobs and 100 non-hostile entities in the same area.
⤗ Do not use more than 150 hoppers in a 3x3 chunk area at a time. Furthermore, if you are using more than 100 hoppers in an area then put either redstone blocks, composters, droppers, or furnaces on top of the hoppers to help reduce hopper checks & thus lag. If you want to know the full reasoning behind this, check it out here (smaller bar = prevents lag better).

Additional Mob & Farm Rules
⤗ Wither Skeleton Farms
  • Do not place skeleton spawners in the nether. Natural Wither Skeleton farms are allowed. Ones using skeleton spawners are not.
⤗ Discounted Villagers
  • Discounted Villagers and Zombie Villagers are not allowed because they are overpowered when combined with an economy and certain plugins. Should you come across either of these you must kill them.
⤗ Iron Golem Farms
  • Natural iron golem farms are allowed. However, only one iron farm is allowed per person (not account- per person). Also, you are required to put a 3x3 gold block wall with a sign next to your iron farm saying who the iron farm belongs to.
  • You are only allowed to obtain iron from one iron farm (for free or near free). If you have your own iron farm that means you cannot use other players' iron farms. If you do not have your own iron farm then you may share one other person's iron farm. However, on the 3x3 gold block wall you are required to specify "Shared with <your_full_username>". Should you ever end up not sharing it anymore- be sure to update that sign to state "Previously shared with <Your_full_username>".
  • You're allowed to own multiple iron golem spawners (if you're fortunate enough to obtain them) as long as they are used in a single iron farm. 
  • If you have iron golem spawner(s) you must destroy your natural iron golem farm as only one iron farm is allowed per person.
  • Combining a natural iron golem farm with iron golem spawner(s) to make it "one" farm is not allowed.
Excessive Claiming
Please do not excessively large areas of land if you are not using them.
If you're claiming around your base to reserve it for expansion &/or prevent others from building nearby you, that's more understandable and a bit more lax (especially if no one is building near you at the time of claiming). It is especially lax the further out you are in the map. As for what defines as an 'excessively large area' that is typically relative to how much of it you actually have builds in.
  • I.e. If you have a tiny house in a 90,000 block claim (a 300x300 claim) - that is excessive.
  • But if you have a huge base in a 90,000 block claim and you claimed a bit further out to reserve space for expansion- that's pretty understandable.
Location also matters. Making a 90,000 block claim right next to spawn is also not going to be as accepted by staff as making one a few thousand blocks away or further from spawn.
To summarize: It depends. The general rule of thumb is claim what you use and if you wish to reserve space for expanding your base- that's typically fine as long as you aren't very close to spawn and you don't have neighbors nearby at the time of claiming.
Disrespectful Claiming
⤗ Do not claim right next to someone else's claim unless given their permission.
  • Be sure to claim at least 30 blocks away from someone else's claim.
  • It's annoying to that player and limits how much both of you can extend your land.
  • Similarly, do not build directly outside someone else's claim. For example, building a wall around their entire claim. It's rude, annoying, and will not be tolerated.
Real Life Transactions
⤗ Real life transactions are not allowed. For example, you are not allowed to sell 32 diamond blocks for $5 USD. Similarly, you cannot trade someone in-game items or money (or similar) to buy you, or others, a rank. Players are allowed to buy other players donor purchases but not if there is any form of trading included. Note that if you do end up purchasing something for another player be sure to notify the owner to prevent issues from arising in the future.
Bypassing the AFK System
⤗ AFKing IS allowed as long as it does not bypass the AFK System.
⤗ Whenever you are AFK you will be marked as such in chat.
⤗ The AFK system is in place for a number of reasons.
  • Time spent as AFK will not count toward playtime ranks/rewards because those are meant to be earned not AFKed for.
  • It also allows but minimizes players using alt accounts to AFK things in-game as that provides an unfair advantage to those who cannot afford to buy Minecraft accounts to AFK with.
  • If you wish to AFK for longer periods earn a higher playtime rank or purchase a donor rank.
  • Bypassing the anti-AFK system, such as being in an area where animals can push you while you are AFK is against the rules and will result in severe punishment.
⤗ If you wish to AFK it is recommended to simply stand still in a safe location with no other entities around you.
⤗ After 10-15 minutes you will be marked as AFK. Depending on your rank you may be kicked for inactivity after a period of time. To earn longer periods of AFK time without getting kicked either earn higher playtime ranks or buy a donor rank.
⤗ Methods of AFK that announce in chat you have gone AFK after 10-15 minutes of inactivity ARE allowed.
⤗ Methods of AFK that DO NOT announce in chat you have gone AFK after 10-15 minutes of inactivity (or bring you out of AFK) ARE NOT allowed.

Alternate Accounts (Max Allowed: 3. Usage: Read section for more info.)
⤗ Only three accounts are allowed per person / IP. For instance, if two people play on the same IP they are allowed to have a max of 3 accounts between them. Exceptions:
  • If a player borrows an account from me, PiggiesGoSqueal, then that is not included in their count.
  • If a player has received special permission from me, the owner, they may use additional accounts.
⤗ You may not claim land with alternate accounts for the purpose of free additional claim blocks. Should you have a legitimate reason- I.e. playing on two entirely separate accounts as different personas then you may contact me to get permission.

⤗ Voting on your alt accounts is fine as long as you are only using the permitted amount.

⤗ Bypassing punishments using alternate accounts is not allowed and will likely lead to a more severe punishment.
Rules for the Discord & Forums
Please Note: All rules apply to the Discord server, Minecraft server, and website. These rules are just more focused on the Discord/Website.
1. Your Discord name or nickname must be your full Minecraft username.
2. Be respectful toward others and their server experience.
  • Impersonating others is never allowed.
  • Do not share someone else's personal information without their permission.
  • Do not use racial slurs.
  • Do not swear at a player. Swearing in general though is fine.
  • Do not troll, threaten, annoy, spam, or attack another player. Threatening DDOS or otherwise harm a player in real life will result in severe punishment.
  • Do not post or link to inappropriate or excessively gruesome content.
  • Do not have inappropriate usernames. I.e. "cockass"
3. Do not discuss or mention another server or realm of Minecraft.
  • Do not mention, discuss, livestream, send pics/videos/GIFs, advertise, etc other Minecraft servers, realms, modded servers, Hytale servers, or Discord servers.
  • Mentioning Hytale itself is fine. Mentioning Hypixel or servers/realms for Hytale is not allowed.
4. Do not ask to be staff / ask if we need staff. If you're interested read #🎩staff-applications on our Discord server.
5. Do not attempt to evade punishments such as mutes, bans, etc in any way. Instead you should visit the website or directly message a high ranking staff member.
6. Use channels / forums for their intended purposes.
7. Use common sense. This includes but is not limited to...
  • Do not try to find loopholes in the rules.
  • Don't abuse bugs/exploits/glitches. I.e. zero-tick farms.
8. Only have one Discord account in the Discord server unless you have special permission from the Owner.
  • This protects against players manipulating poll results in their favor by using multiple accounts.
  • Furthermore it prevents punishment evading and anonymous rule breaking via the Discord server.

For additional channel-specific rules on the Discord server  join it and read the #rules channel.